A Sarnia girl who is now just 16 year-olds is among the top 50 sea cadets in Canada who is competing in a national sailing competition (NSC) this year. Lina Dizon-Mapula, who is the member of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps for five years in Sarnia, is competing in the race this week at the National Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Regatta (NYCSCR) in Kingston.

She is the student of St. Pat’ and her partner as well as the Duncan Findley from Ottawa, who is the skipper were at the second position in this week after finishing about three of the 12 races that the regatta had in the 420-craft. Dizon-Mapula shared her experience about the event and said “I am looking forward to take part in the rest of the regatta races. I love meeting people from different regions and place.”

She added, “This training program has helped me a lot and has helped me in discovering. But, it is not just up to it. The program has helped me develop me to develop new skills and have generated love for sailing, and I also learned a few cheats like using a Sailing Distance Calculator for Passage Planning.” It is true that the competition at this level is really tough, but it is friendly at the same time, she said.

“During the race, I have made some really good friends from Quebec as well as in the Atlantic and Pacific,” she said. “Right now I am just excited to go through this experience and at the same time experience things that are new and great outside of Sarnia.” When asked about Findley her crew, she said that I met her at a sea cadet sailing camp only around two years ago in Kingston and I find her nice.

“One day my old partner got into some trouble and then Fin came with my boat. In this race we sailed with a focused mind and won the regatta.”

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