There have been endless talks about the port maritime festival over the time as they offer a perfect break from the general busy life. There are various kinds of enjoyments that take place there and those who has the yachts come up with the competitions. These parts are quite fun seeking and no matter where these festivals are held you will find the perfect variation of colorful beachside songs and a sporty spirit present. This is the kind of environment that the festival creates.

Without Rene Portes

Safety at the festival is on the first place. Between the various services, several special preparatory meetings were held, as authorized representatives of the organizers of the festival assure. The festival in 2018 will be accompanied by especially large-scale celebrations and a strong emotional background. Celebrations should not overshadow anything, even given the sad fact that this will come with some surprise, the charismatic president of the Association of boaters and divers of the town, the main “architect” of the holiday for many years.

The supposed competition will take place between boats, many of which are the embodiment of a unique culture, passed down from generation to generation, and are a rarity and great value. And even if these vessels are no longer designed for their direct purpose, for which they were created – for fishing, they occupied a different niche – have become a remarkable expression of Mediterranean culture.

Twenty decorated boats

This maritime competition has become an excellent opportunity to show both the inhabitants of the region and all tourists the beautiful boats that have already become part of the cultural heritage. To decorate them, on all twenty ships it was required not less than thirty thousand carnations, about 600 kg of mimosa, in total 900 bouquets and 80 garlands of boxwood. On Saturday and Sunday, basic preparations for decorating are held. And in the morning, employees of various services of the city, as well as former sailors and boatmen from neighboring cities will come to help decorate each of the ships.

If you want to visit the festival

The event will be completely free and will start very early at the beginning of the week. For any information, please call to the emergency numbers. To get to the venue of the festival, you need to take the train, or take a bus on one of the two lines that are in town. Reaching the areas is not hard at all. However, you will have to reach with the full preparation for being on the fun and enjoying every bit of it. Surely this is a very important part of the process for you now and so you can have a proper option available there. You can also make a visit to to have a best understanding of the festival now.

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