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So, you decided that you want to learn Chinese. Well, fine. Now the question arises – how to study it? What kind of training to choose? Which are the Good Chinese language schools in angmokio? There are several options, but not as many as it seems. To study at the university, at the Chinese language courses, with an individual tutor, or independently. In each version of the study has its pros and cons.

Study of Chinese Language – pros and cons

If you definitely want to associate your work with it in the future, then you have a direct road to the university. 5 years of study, an annual or semiannual internship, then, perhaps, a postgraduate study, and you are ready to find a job with the Chinese language.

Pros: a fairly deep degree of language study, an internship in China, after graduating from university you are ready to work with the Chinese language. The main thing is to choose the right university.

Cons: time, 2-3 years for a second higher or 5 years for a major higher cannot be spent by everyone. If you want to get two specialties in one – look for universities with economic disciplines, in order to learn Chinese there.

Need to learn Chinese for office purpose

If you need Chinese for work, there is more than one year of work and time for getting a second higher one;It’s better to go for intensive Chinese language courses. Such conduct now many companies. As a rule, you are defined in the group of studying the Chinese language from scratch. Classes can be held either on weekends or several times a week in the evenings.

You may leave the weekend for rest. It is best to do 2 (minimum) – three times a week, for 1.5 – 2 hours. In this case, you can repeat the material yourself at home on the weekends; understand that it is unclear what questions to ask the instructor at the next lesson.

Pros: the degree of study depends on the time spent. There are different levels of training (from scratch, primary, secondary, higher). You have the ability to choose the time for classes.

Cons: for all the diversity, finding good courses is not so easy now as it seems. Courses are opened by many, and professionals from them are units. In one of the following articles-councils we will help you decide on the choice of the Chinese language courses.

Need to learn Chinese for business

If you need Chinese for business, for example, to communicate with partners in Chinese, or for business correspondence, you can practice with a Chinese language tutor, and spend the rest of your time on your own. The situation is even worse than with the courses. For some reason, it is believed that anyone who has completed at least one year of university can teach Chinese.

You must choose teachers carefully, and giving preference to students at least 4, or preferably 5 or to teachers who have already graduated from university and are taught at universities or courses.



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